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This week’s theme likewise the previous one was related to one of the talked about topic of the recent days. As SPS is getting well informed folks who doesn’t seems to be using the newspaper just as table mat etc, the connect was worked out by majority. Will try & come up with more such easy yet informative & competitive questions in weeks to come. In case you want to contribute to SPS ,just mail in your questions to mahipalabhishek@yahoo.com & be the part of this journey.

The theme for this week was “Oscars Awards”.

Monday:Rick Rosas and Brad Oltmanns who counts the ballot for the academy awards every year on behalf of Price Waterhouse Coopers.
Tuesday: Bhanu Athaiya, she started her career in costume designing for C.I.D and the her latest being Swades. She won Academy award for Costume Design for the movie ‘Gandhi’ and was the first indian to get the award.
Wednesday: Cedric Gibbons designed Oscar statue and R S Owens company manufactures the statues.
Thursday: Kodak – Kodak theatre where oscar ceremony is held.
Friday: Posthumous Oscar winners.

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Hppy Quizzing!



Connect the two(in-exhaustive).
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Hppy Quizzing!



Identify the product being advertised.
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Connect the two. The gentleman is credited with the creation of something, which he himself received 11 times. The logo is of the company which manufacturers this creation for nearly past three decades.
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Connect to a personality.The one on the left is his/her first  & other one is latest.
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Identify the  accountants or simply put funda.
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Hint:They only knew it before,what the world came to know in recent past.